Global Cooperation

Global Cooperation

SUGLI actively carries out international cooperation, has extensive close ties with the international logistics community, and maintains close partnerships with many well-known foreign universities. SUGLI with Georgia Institute of Technology, Cornell University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Montreal, University of Technology, French National Institute of Telecommunications (INT), University of Tokyo, Korea Ocean Research Institute, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic Universities, the University of Liverpool, etc. all have good cooperative relations and conduct regular exchanges and cooperation.

• Co-cultivating 57 students with dual master's degrees with the Georgia Institute of Technology: ISYE Double Master Program

• Exchange with the Montreal Institute of Technology in Canada: Exchange Program

•Reading international conference papers: In order to enlarge the academic vision of graduate students, with the support of tutors and graduate schools, students participate in international and domestic academic exchanges every year, and publish conference papers, including the International Conference of Shipping Economists (IAME), China. International Underground Logistics Academic Forum (CSUFT), OCEANS'16 MTS/IEEE, IAME International Conference (Hamburg, Germany), Control and Decision Conference (CCDC), etc.

• Engaged with Cornell University in the United States: In-depth study cooperation with teachers and joint cultivation of postdoctoral fellows. Cornell University's tenure track associate professor has successively won the title of Shanghai Oriental Scholar Chair Professor and Shanghai Qianren Chair Professor, and was employed by Shanghai. Jiaotong University as special visiting professor.


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