Graduate and EDP

Graduate and EDP


The cultivation of international, high-level and innovative logistics professionals is regarded as top goal by SUGLI, which strictly adheres to the international vision, generous theoretical foundation and emphasis on students' practical experience. SUGLI keep kin Cooperation with famous universities, famous enterprises and governments both at home and abroad to continuously optimize the training program, and strive to make breakthroughs in the talent training system and model. SUGLI relies on the comprehensive advantages of Shanghai Jiaotong University's management science, information technology, digital manufacturing and industrial engineering, shipping, finance, trade, statistics, economics and law-related disciplines to actively build new interdisciplinary disciplines in modern logistics science. At the same time, SUGLI also attract outstanding teachers at home and abroad, and strive to become an international talent training base to cultivate logistics elites and leaders for China.

Under the “Management Science and Engineering” first-level discipline, SUGLI independently recruits masters in logistics engineering (full-time and part-time) and doctorate in management science and engineering. Among them, the non-full-day logistics project has cooperated with Fengshen Logistics Co., Ltd. since 2011 . Currently, 17 employees has been graduated and got their master degree. Since 2016, china has implemented same requirements for logistics engineering master program both full-time and part-time study mode. In 2019, logistics engineering master program has been incorporated into master program of engineering Management . Since 2020, SUGLI has begun to enroll the Master of Engineering Management (MEM).

Key research directions: 1. Trade and manufacturing, manufacturing logistics and supply chain; 2. International shipping and multimodal transport; 3. Data analysis and smart logistics; 4. E-commerce and urban distribution logistics; 5. Transportation and transportation logistics; Green, secure logistics and supply chain; 7. Logistics and supply chain finance.

More than 200 students are graduated with the degree of the Master and Ph.D. of Management Science and Engineering, and Master of Logistics Engineering are; currently, Master of Logistics Engineering, Doctor of Management Science and Engineering. The graduates are of excellent quality, and their employees are mainly state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises and world-famous enterprises, governmental departments, studying abroad, and self-employment.


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