Research overview

Since its establishment, Sino-US Logistics Research Institute has undertaken a total of 125 scientific research projects, including 47 projects funded by governmental departments and 78 projects funded by enterprises. The total amount of scientific research funds reached 34.96 million yuan, of which the govorment funding was 17.06 million yuan and the enterprise funding was 17.9 million yuan. Obtained 1 national key basic research and development plan (973 plan) and 21 national natural science fund projects, including 1 national science fund for distinguished young scholars, 2 key programs, 1 joint research fund for overseas Chinese scholars and scholars in hong kong and macao projects, and 1regional cooperation and exchange program, 7 general programs, 9 young scientists fund. The research institute has published a total of 311 SCI&SSCI papers, including 4 A-categories, 44 B-categories, 13 C-category journals (refer to the Antai International Journal Standard), and 2 A-category (refer to the journal standards of the School of Mathematical Sciences). There are 87 Chinese core journals, 10 academic works published, and 3 provincial and ministerial awards.

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